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Researcher in IT projects

A problem to me can only be of two types - daring one that I enjoy a lot or a difficult one that I try to avoid at all cost. Hard Work Matters!! But what matters more is the free mind to turn a creative work into hard passion.

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Participating in different lifestyle of human being, we turn ourselves to different disciplines. Currently, I am involved in academic, service-oriented and research activities


Activities worth fighting for

Machine Learning Engineer

Finding the passion to create

Hospitality Entrepreneur

A family business on the run

Web Development

Developing to suit commodity needs


My Activities

In the turmoil of different actions we participate in multiple events. Few teach us while few come just as an outcome from a regular series of tasks.

अनुपसँगको कुराकानी

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साप्ताहिक कुराकानीको संगालो, संवाद फरक व्यक्ति फरक दिन फरक।

Radio Life of Anup

अनुपसँगको कुराकानी


अनुपको पाठशाला

Tutor Life of Anup

Where we start to begin to draw the sketch of our path to skills.

Tutor Life of Anup

अनुपको पाठशाला

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Sometimes writing articles create an opportunity to creatively solve a problem statement.

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Prepared Proposals

List of proposals prepared for references

Some proposals are just amazing to read.

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I am available in different social media with handle anupadkh. I still prefer email as a best means to communicate.